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My Fashion Assistant is your Closet Organizer, Style Manager & Shopping Companion - iPhone, iPad, Android App, also available in web version

Saves Time & Money, all while making Fashion Fun & Easy
Named by top magazines like InStyle, UsWeekly and Equanimity as one of the best fashion apps

Where sold - Android's Google Play and web version - available worldwide.
IOS/iTunes Launch worldwide - April 2014.

Anyone who ever wished they could review the contents of their closet without standing in front of it will love this iPhone and Android app called My Fashion Assistant, developed by SniraCorp My Fashion Assistant allows users to take photos of their clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags, import them into their iPhone or Android device, and visually mix and match them to create outfits, plan for an upcoming trip or event, window shop online, and most importantly, never forget each and every item in their wardrobe. Originally released as My Style Fashion Assistant in 2010, its re-release as My Fashion Assistant is greatly anticipated.

In a time in which many designers are quickly coming up with their own style apps, our app is not brand specific. We know that our users don't just buy one brand or style of clothing, and our app fits that lifestyle. Our app is all about helping to find what piece looks great with other pieces, to create the perfect ensemble for each user. All brands and all styles are welcomed. In addition, My Fashion Assistant gives users the ability to communicate with friends across iOS and Android platforms".

Fashionistas and Fashionisters alike have commented that My Fashion Assistant is one of the "best apps for shopping, saving, and amping up your style". InStyle & Equanimity Magazines raves about MFA, "We love this app, which acts as your very own stylist. It keeps track of what you have, what you wear, what you want, and it allows you to mix and match it all. It even helps you plan trips - it's the ultimate fashion organizer!" Equanimity is one of the top magazines in USA & slowly spreading its wings in Africa, it talks about real people and their search to live better lives. You can also follow us on Equanimity.

The application promises to be particularly useful when shopping for coordinating items and keeping track of what you wore and when. It has proven to be a time-saver by giving users the ability to decide what to wear and what to accessorize, anywhere, anytime. It makes planning outfits easy, eliminating the hassle of trying on multiple outfits (we've all had those piles of clothes on the floor).

It has also proven to be a money saver, as it allows users to keep track of what they have by reducing the chance of accidentally purchasing the same thing twice. Users may virtually try before they buy, and rediscover new life for old pieces (possibly forgotten) by mixing and matching them in new and exciting ways. To learn more and watch a demonstration video, please go to You will be able to find My Fashion Assistant in the App Store and Google Play's Lifestyle sections. Look for the red icon showcasing "My Fashion Assistant".

The app allows users to:
  • Import wardrobe into iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Add items you have to your closet
  • Add items you desire to your fitting room
  • Put outfits together visually - thanks to the unique and amazing 3-Panel fashion assistant slider and fashion creation engine which allows you to mix tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, accessories and more - and save them into specific fashion categories for quick reference
  • Slide, swipe and tap through items and create outfits for every occasion
  • Layer & accessorize your outfits with up to six accessories, including handbags, belts, watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, glasses, sunglasses and more!
  • Window shop online at your favorite stores and compare items with your current wardrobe
  • Schedule & keep track of what you wore with item & outfit calendars
  • Be organized even if your closet's a mess!
  • Share items and outfits with friends to get their valuable fashion feedback
  • Never forget what you own by taking your wardrobe with you wherever you go!
  • Organize items & outfits in specific fashion categories so you can look them up anytime
  • Receive expert fashion tips with the daily fashion fix
  • A user-friendly tool that makes fashion easy and enjoyable. Create outfits quickly by mixing & matching with the 3-panel fashion slider and outfit creation engine.
  • Saves Time - Decide what to wear anywhere, anytime
  • Saves Time - Makes getting dressed a whole lot easier!
  • Saves Time - Shop smarter - Have your wardrobe with you always (no more returning items!)
  • Keeps You Organized - No more having clothes from your closet laying in piles all over your floor
  • Keeps You Organized - Prevents you from wearing the same item or outfit too often or with the same friends
  • Keeps. You Organized - Visually plan your calendar way ahead of time, plan for that upcoming event or special occasion
  • Saves Money - Keeps you from buying two of the same thing (or similar things)
  • Saves Money - Rediscover clothes, accessories, shoes & bags in your wardrobe that you may have forgotten about
  • Saves Money - Try before you buy - Snap pictures or Window Shop Online to see how things really look with your existing wardrobe
  • Educates - Daily fashion tips make you aware of the latest trends, as well as fashion basics
  • Entertains - 2013 finally catching up to 1995; "be" Cher from Clueless - have a blast doing it!